Richard Bucker

Cogeneration and the implementation with continuous integration

Posted at — Oct 14, 2013

Having a single developer or small team it’s easy to conceive that the cogeneration step could be done as a pre-commit step for any sort of version control system. In slightly larger teams the generated artifacts would merge no less easily than the source files. This does create some problems when the files require additional merging or correction to account for conflicts. And when the teams get larger it’s even more complicated to time the bills and to maintain consistency across generated code segments.I have been looking at some of the continuous integration and deployment solutions. Including some of those that are hosted. And many of those cases there is no consideration for generated code. One fact that falls out of the Gollang environment is that one of the initial requirements was to eliminate the makefile. While Gollang was successful, one still needs batch files in order to build generated applications.