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Collision of ideas

Posted at — Aug 2, 2016
blah blah blah bushcraft... blah blah blah camping... blah blah blah living with a SEAL.
Last night I was running reports and while the reports were running I watched some videos from "homemade wonderlust". It's not the first AT (Appalachian Trail) video I had watched but it was the second presenter. The first video was gear, then hygiene; which was more about pooping on the AT, and the last few were about just hiking away. The other presenter was telling a broader story and HW was telling a personal story.

In both videos I noticed a few things. These hikers have made interesting choices when it comes to cost, weight, and space. For example the Big Agnes tent is just about 2lbs but costs about $450. On the other hand using an aluminium cook pot with a home made cozy instead of a titanium pot. While there must be some knowledge acquired when in the action but common sense suggests that there is an advantage in fuel savings by using freeze dried meals instead of carrying the fuel needed for actual cooking.

Assuming 15 miles a day and 2300 miles I thing that's about 153 days. Assuming a mix of provisions where at least one meal a day were freeze dried that's about $1500; assuming that it costs $10 per meal and frankly it does not. One complaint about freeze dried means was that a pouch might represent 5 meals and in terms of calorie count and cost it was a little off-putting.

The one remarkable thing was WL's drive. And that is how I connected with Living with a SEAL. From what I can tell, WL did what she needed to do. Whether it was one food in front of the other, reducing swelling by putting her feet in a creek, or detouring home to quickly bury her late dog. Maybe some day my daughter's will read this and see those accomplishments as a role model.