Richard Bucker

Columnar Code NameSpaces

Posted at — Nov 25, 2014

In order to define methods in a global namespace … either there is no namespace except the first-class namespace where all names are considered at the same semantic level or there is a hierarchy of names representing all of the individual levels. In the first case everything might be labeled global.myname() and in the second it might be the sense of language design there are pros and cons for having proper class structure related to object oriented design but then the global design is well suited for procedural and some functional languages. Flow based programming is extremely well suited for global namespaces.When I wrote the title for this post I was thinking I was going to implement a schema structure that could be used in a procedural context, however, as I started to construct the content I realized that I really wanted to implement the FBP model instead and that’s pretty simple.method namemethod language typemethod configsmethod inputsmethod outputsmethod codemethod testcasestestcase languageThere is not much else to the code construction. But now we need to design the program flow.method nameinput type from methodconfig type from methodoutput type to method nameinstance count (for concurrency)The network map is a little more sparse than I have already implemented but I need to refine this a little so I can create the actual schema.