Richard Bucker

Concurrency on the JVM

Posted at — Jul 5, 2011

I just purchase a couple of books from PragProg; Programming Clojure, Programming Scala, and Programming Concurrency on the JVM. (I’m starting to think that I already purchased the Scala book some time ago and that now I have  a dupe.)As I’m about to embark on Clojure and Scala for the 2nd or third time I’m beginning with many of the questions I had when I started on Erlang and LUA. What does it mean to me? What is the current mindshare out there? Are there any real projects? Is there enough full-time and contract work out there to warrant even the cost of the books and the time lost reading them?And that’s when I get really frustrated because Scala has a section on “intermixing with java” and then my head starts to spin as I remember that Lift-web (a webserver written in scala) is not really written in scala. It’s actually a combination of Scala and intermixed java (notably Jetty).And right about there is when I lose my steam. When you are a fully vested java programmer and you know all 100B jar file filled APIs with all that it means to you… it’s hard to implement anything 100% native. So that’s the dark cloud hanging over Clojure and Scala. How can they implement all the functional goodness without getting twisted up by all that legacy poison? And so I read on.[UPDATE: Scala and Clojure seem to intermix with Java a lot. I find this painful because I be not believe that there is a way to determine where the warts are automatically. It sure would be nice if there were some sort of dependency checker so that the graph provided some illumination before projects were implemented. Or at least some developers might contribute where the holes are. I’m about to put these books on the stack again.]