Richard Bucker

Connect Chromebook to WatchGuard thru VPN

Posted at — Apr 29, 2015

WARNING - I have not been successful yet. ¬†Everything I’ve read is leading me down this path but it’s still not working. As a baseline I have a working installation on my Mac so I know the credentials are OK.login to the watchguard special URLthere are 3 possible download buttonsOne returns the .ovpn file (get this one)One returns a .zip file (get this one too)Do not bother with the windows download. It returns an .exe fileconvert the ca.crt, client.crt, client.pem into a pk12 fileopenssl pkcs12 -export -in client.crt -inkey client.pem -out client.p12 -name MyClientcreate the .onc fileget the sample .onc heregenerate a uuid herecopy/paste the contents of the ca.crt and client.crt as indicatedUPDATE: remove the cr+lf from the files because JSON does not support embedded cr/lfbrowse here:¬†chrome://settings/certificatesimport the ca.crt in the authoritiesimport the client.p12 in the user certs. (import and bind)browse to:¬†chrome://net-internals/#chromeosupload the .onc fileWhile this seems to be the approach it’s not working. When I compared the contents of the .ovpn and template .onc they are different; and this is concerning.References: this post has a lot of the information in common to all of the posts I’ve read so it me or does VPN really suck? (link)