Richard Bucker

Continued reflection upon my Apple iPad mini

Posted at — Feb 1, 2014

As much as I really like having that form factor in my hand while I’m reading a book on the couch there are still a number of failed use cases for the device. As a computer professional being on call means being connected to the Internet a moments notice. The iPad keyboard is just not sensitive enough for touch typing on a remote console. The latency of several of the Bluetooth keyboards has also been prohibitive. My Apple keyboard does a nice job and is sufficiently┬áresponsive however it’s a bit bulky and there is no usable case.When considering a smaller keyboard like one from Logitech I imagine that the buttons are just going to be too small to be able to type efficiently. I’m looking forward to getting out of try.The 11 inch MacBook Air may still be the device requiring the fewest compromises.