Richard Bucker

Convention over configuration or vice versa?

Posted at — Oct 17, 2013

The implementation details for configuration over conventional or vice versa is trivial. The real question is which one is going to give you the best long-term advantages.Configurations can be shared across the application space as new applications are brought on board all of that information is shared. There is a disadvantage that the configuration has to be consulted as the code segments are reverse engineered.Conversely five convention simply means that the configuration information is stored within common classes. This is just an object representation of the configuration information.The only advantage of convention over configuration appears to be in naming of accessor functions. Whereas one uses get in set for the configuration method. In the by conventional strategy the data is accessed by named methods.A hybrid approach would be novel except that would have the side effect of producing additional code that would need to be tested debugged and so on.