Richard Bucker

Convert your Mac from a Rabbit to a Tortoise

Posted at — Sep 25, 2012

I went to the Genius Bar on Sunday because I cracked the glass on my iPhone and the mouse on my wife’s MacBook was not working (swelling battery maybe) and then there was the performance on my MacBook Air that was just sucking!The results are in. Google drive uses craploads of memory and CPU; Little Snitch (3 beta) is not much different. As a result the system is just so super sluggish. I understand the issue with little snitch. Heck it’s beta software. ┬áBut my concerns for Google Drive’s performance are all over the place. They do not have an auto updater and they do not display the current version number in the preferences pane. They do not support a ‘start paused’ option either.I have a number of there product concerns with GD but I’m confident that they will never be heard. I like the storage capacity and there are other tools for accessing and syncing (cyberduck) so I think I’ll go that way instead.PS: Make sure that the firewall is turned on. The latest version of OSX disables it. I’m not certain whether that has been the default but it is now.