Richard Bucker

My outdoor kitchen

Posted at — Dec 12, 2019

Today my outdoor kitchen consists of a Weber propane grill and a large Green Egg BBQ. For many years I was a green egg purist. There is goodness and something primal in starting a fire and watching your food cook out of doors. All feels right.

When my wife and I sarted dating and talking about moving in together there were two I needed to do. The first was purchase a propane grill. And I did. Since then that first grill has been retired and a new one is in it’s place. While I cook on it nearly every night I have 4 propane tanks of which we only fill 2 at any time. But here’s the thing. The grates are a mess. There is no amount of cleaning or pressure cleaning that is going to make it any better. And it’ an appliance I use every night!

I also like to cook certain seafoods that can smell up the house so cooking outside it better.

Just a few moments ago I wantched a post from Dr. Berg. He makes an argument against microwaving food as it amages the nutritional value and does all this stuff. OK, I get it. I suppose there are arguments to be made about the “real” cost of the appliance in manufacturing and use over time and so on.

I hope that’s enough background for the moment to propose an alternative.

But as I look at my house and outdoor kitchen I know I want the simpler things. I’d prefer an electric grill that can cleanup in my dishwasher. I want a portable induction cooktop, or two, so that I can cook stinky things outsie in stead of inside. And a simple convection oven that I can cook a pizza or large turkey breast. Lastly, since I live in Florida I need a charcoal grill or habachi for those days when the power goes out.

Now that feels better.