Richard Bucker

Correcting some misconceptions

Posted at — May 16, 2012

I just read an article from MickeyMcKay where he espouses proper grammar for entrepreneurs. While I have no idea if he’s correct or not I should mention:In deference to mickeymckay just a few years ago it was reported that bad grammar and spelling [was] a sign of a good executive. – @rbuckerAnother author was writing about not being able to find Ruby on Rails programmers in Atlanta; and that he was forced to troll the local user groups in the hopes of finding candidates.A few years ago I was having a similar problem recruiting RoR programmers in Birmingham Alabama. The root cause was that there were simply not enough RoR programmers at all. And so if we wanted to hire them away from their projects we had to raise our already high salary expectations.As for the corrections:I do not believe that grammar is a key indicator of anything except someone that might be educated or at least remembers their education. On the other hand it might also be the mark of someone with a good spelling and grammar checker. Either way it’s cancelled out and generally meaningless.Qualified programmers of all types are in demand; they are very selective about their work, compensation, environment, contribution, and so on. The real reasons however; (1) most new programmers have huge egos that need to be satisfied (2) most experienced programmers cost too much; (3) no matter their situation almost all of them are waiting for a huge payday that has not come yet by the latest fly-by-night contrived social app of the day.