Richard Bucker

Curated OS' and tools

Posted at — Nov 10, 2014

There are a number of tools that I recently used in order to determine the efficacy of my teamcity pipeline and associated chef tasks.  They included iostat, iptraf, iftop, htop. And now I have sysdig.There is CoreOS and ProjectAtomic. The former is ready for production and the devs are making great strides.  The later has potential, however, it suffers from many serious deficiencies and dependencies. It seems that the devs are making redhat a dependency rather than fedora. This makes CoreOS a better choice. And now it appears that Ubuntu is entering into this field with snappy.The latest CoreOS with docker, and promise of rocket, are still the frontrunner.appscale instead of or including google app engine.Dart lang article, home.2600hz - Blog, home, micro service video.