Richard Bucker

Customer Support Disasters

Posted at — Dec 21, 2018

Converting you phone to use Google Fi takes just a few minutes. They have great software for porting your phone number… but when things go wrong you better plan on spending hours on the phone or waiting for you chat request to start or even to get a response to an email. If you’re lucky the person you are talking to knows a thing or two and can either tell you what went wrong or how to fix it. Google employees tend to be pretty smart but it is hit or miss. It would be nice if their analytics knew who was calling and what class employee should be connected to solve the problem.Think they are bad? Try and get into Apple’s customer service. They employ fanboys and girls and they do not know crap. For example we bought a new iPhone at a store and used the Citizens One zero interest program to go from a iPhone 6 to a 7… and it only get’s worse from there. Citizens Once put me on hold for an hour trying to get into Apple support, after the second person at apple answered the phone we were put on hold to talk to the store. And then the store had to call me back on a land line because the sound quality made it impossible.Corporate America you are not making it easy to be your customer. You are not saving me enough money to want to buy or use your services. I have already stepped back from an iPhone and Macbook to a Cheap Motorola and a Chromebook. I pay for it in full and if it breaks I throw it away.