Richard Bucker

Cut the Cord!

Posted at — Oct 30, 2011

Depending on who you talk to or read they pretty much say the same thing. “One big reason that OSX succeeded where other failed is because they cut the cord and started fresh”. And if you talk to the insiders at Microsoft they’ll say pretty much the same thing about Windows. “It’s [Windows] missed shipping dates and quality goals because of the deep seeded need to be completely backward¬†compatible.Well, Linux is about to or has already branched to version 3. And with vendors like Ubuntu, Red Hat, and others contributing to the kernel and other subsystems… everything has been in “add more code” mode. Much the way that Microsoft has been running it’s ship for the last 20+ years.With Virtual technology like VMWare, Parallels, and others. it’s time to move on. The need for backward compatibility is over. The desktop needs to be more reliable and stable.