Richard Bucker

daisy chain or prusik

Posted at — Nov 18, 2018

In my no-hardware post I try out daisy chain guy lines. While using lightweight 1.18mm cordage or even bank line to make daisy chain guy lines is simple and reliable the challenge is that the knots cause things to hangup on itself. Also it uses 2x the cordage (even at 1.18mm).I do not like bank line because I keep tripping over it in the dark and sometimes in the middle of the afternoon. The line smells and that smell is tr transferred to my hands. I still like tent poles instead of trekking poles but most tarps do not have grommets. Yama and Dutchware sell grommet contraptions I just do not know how well they work or how long they last.1.18mm cordage daisy chain difficult to see1.18mm cordage with prusikInitially I take issue with the amount of cordage. And secondly the knots and overall manageability. But now that I think about it some more there is the issue of the stakes. To be effective, and safe, the stakes need to be pounded into the ground at ground level. Take that for what it is. However if you were making stakes from branches then things go sideways quickly. Not everyone has access to hardwood stakes, or a hammer. So once it’s in the ground you want it to stay there. And so having an adjustable prusik is a better choice. (linelocs are fast to deploy too.)