Richard Bucker

Deis 1.0.0 was released

Posted at — Nov 11, 2014

I’m happy that the Deis team has decided to release their 1.0.0 offering. In many respects it seems a bit more polished than previous versions; and while I would prefer to write a rave review there are still too many things to hate. I’ve just looked at the Deis issues list and there are only 5 issues submitted in the last 24 hours. My personal experience suggests that either their user-base is low or version 1 has not been adopted yet.Here is a list of the bugs I’m reporting:no single installation path; all paths crossin order to install deisctl with the curl | sh -s 1.0.0 command the user needs to run the command as the SUDO because the core user cannot create the /opt/bin.the the sudo ln -fs command cannot be executed because the /usr/local… folder is readonly.the output from the curl+sh command includes some console control characters that make reading the message difficult.the documentation refers to exporting some values. These values are’s easy to forget or skip the requirement to configure the DNSdeisctl install platform works ok but start times out.The deis team probably thinks it’s competing with the Google Kubernetes team, however, that could not be further from the reality. Kuberbetes is still young. Google is going after a different user with it’s K8s platform… and frankly I think it’s other GoLang and container offerings are stronger.Deis, while it does not have a proper user interface is competing with