Richard Bucker

Delete Bookmarks

Posted at — May 9, 2020

Being a remote, aka telecommute, worker who depends on ChromeOS devices to do my work I recognize that minimalism pays dividends. A few years ago my Chromebox burned out. It turned out that the SSD failed… I orders a new device, ordered a spare drive, and used my kids ChromeBox while I waited for the delivery. In the meantime resuming work was as simple as adding my user to the device. I was working in about 10 minutes.

In the meantime I take a similar approach to my server machines. I stick to the basic installation and use basic package installation to add the actual tools I need. The layering of tools if gentle, smooth, and easily predictable, and does not rely on a local USB-drive with a hundred scripts.

Interestingly, the same applies to my work product. K.I.S.S.

As I mentioned in a previous post my desktop is two screens, 4 tabs, and 1 or 2 tmux windows.

But this morning as I was looking at my router’s web page I realized that there are some things that may be better on a proper computer… (my ERX does not have a dedicated app). And I was immediateky drawn to my bookmarks. I have about 100 bookmarks that simply need to go. And in my projects’ Wiki I have hundreds of bookmarks with poor descriptions.

First of all, as a ChromeOS user all of my bookmarks are sync’d. So that’s good. I have 100-200 of them, and that’s bad. Some of the bookmarks are customer resources. Some are location links like the office or the lab. Some are personal and some are simple documentation. And lastly some are shared operational.

For example I use and rely on fossil-scm and gitlab. I shouldn’t need bookmarks for them. If there was a specific document that I was interested in remembering then I would be better served to capture the info in a post, possibly. With the elements that I thought were interesting.

Context is everything and bookmarks by themselves have no context and just a single folder name does not add much context

One PS to this… as I’m writing and looking at my bookmarks there are those bookmarks that are just in the wrong folder. For example freedt reference is in the pi instead of operations folder. The question now is to move it or delete it…. I’m going with DELETE.