Richard Bucker

deleting folders on AWS-S3

Posted at — Jul 29, 2015

If you read enough of the AWS documentation you’ll know less that when you started. I’m not sure if it’s me or just the vastness of the APIs and functions available.I’m in the process of writing an uploader and while I was tinkering I created a number of folders. Some I did manually in the web GUI and others through my software. One thing for certain is that here is not recursive delete function. ┬áThere is also some vague limitation to the number of objects returned and how you might page through them. And there is no specific recursive delete function.** reading the documentation … there is no actual folder structure. It’s a virtual structure.The bug I ran into was that the folders I created using the GUI could not be deleted. Not with the GUI and not with my app. It turns out that the GUI does not set the object type which the software does (STANDARD). Once I changed the type to STANDARD in the properties I was able to delete the folders.** Just a note but the DeleteObject API did not return an error when it did not delete the folder.