Richard Bucker

Dell XPS13 or MacBook Air 13?

Posted at — Mar 4, 2012

I’m not going to make any statements about the Dell other than to say that it’s probably a nice machine and it probably runs Microsoft Windows really well. It might even run Linux after you’ve already paid the MS tax.But looking at the feature functions and comparing them to the MBA… Ya gotta go with the MBA. OSX is a better OS than Windows and if you have to pay the tax then the cost of OSX upgrade and the fact that there are only two versions where MS has 8 or 10 versions. Not to mention that the Server version is only slightly more expensive. The MBA certainly allows dual boot and supports Windows and Linux. Neither system permits memory upgrades (apple has a 2GB model most are 6GB)I’m abandoning the comparison here. The hardware is pretty similar. The cost difference is marginal. Which is the better company and where is your application investment?