Richard Bucker

Deregister from Apple's iMessage

Posted at — Apr 30, 2015

There are a number of reasons why you might want to deregister from Apple’s iMessage. For me… I crushed my iPhone and decided to try a Nexus 6. While I’m still learning the ropes everyone who messages me is going into the iMessage black hole (if they are sending from an iPhone).So now that I’ve missed a few more important messages I’ve decided to try to decouple. There are two ways to do that. (a) from the iPhone (b) sending an SMS to yourself.HERE is the link to Apple’s website that provides the info and tools. Good luck.I know I’m going to miss the unified phone, table, desktop experience for texting but not necessarily for video or voice. I know I already dislike ATTs splash screen on the Nexus 6 (with no way to remove it without rooting it).Here’s to the next two years.