Richard Bucker


Posted at — Jul 7, 2020

It’s the eleven o’clock hour and I’m trying to get my desktop to work. Contrary to previous posts where I wanted, and still want, a desktop hosted on OpenBSD or FreeBSD… the fact is that after 4 hours of installing both and trying to deploy Xorg and Gnome3 it simply would not work. And I do not want to spend another minute in it. And so the new question is: What’s next?

Well, the mission for using ChromeOS is [a] because the interface is essentially immutable. [b] user configuration is sync’d between devices [c] robust [d] boots quickly [e] supports multiple displays [f] moving from desktop to laptop is painless.

it’s not always that simple

The thing about Linux, and I’ve mentioned it before, The OS is HUGE and has plenty of bugs and is only getting more and more vulnerable to attacks. It is starting to suffer the same problems that Windows has by trying to remain backward compatible with years of bugs and deprecated features.

ChromeOS is still the clear winner for the reasons above… but it’s kiosk-like behavior makes it ideal. It just works. And with enough disk and RAM I can run Android and Linux apps without risking the device.