Richard Bucker

Developer-defined infrastructure

Posted at — Apr 5, 2015

Venture Beat is running an article “The geek shall inherit the earth: The age of developer-defined infrastructure” where they talk about the evolution of infrastructure design but I think they missed a few things.For one; while DDI seems to put the design in the developers hands and thus implying that the role of the architect has been reduced is something akin to NoSQL does not require a DBA. So DDI is actually a misnomer. You can actually make the case that they are talking about adhoc multi simultaneous infrastructures. [which is something completely different]The second omission is that the definitions that provided are actually layers. First there will always be some definition for the physical layer. You can always push some of the configuration to the software layer above but at some point there is hardware and interconnects. The same can be said with the software layer and the DDI layer. They are building blocks of evolution and not discrete inventions.