Richard Bucker

different tarps

Posted at — Jul 4, 2018

I cannot wait until my next overnight hiking trip into the Big Cypress Preserve. The weather, lately, has been very wet, hot and steamy; so making the right tarp selection is important. The grey tarp did a fine job, kept me dry from the condensation but in the pouring rain I’m way too exposed because the poles are too tall and not adjustable. I think they were 48”.

The green, Gossamer Gear Twinn Tarp, has a nice size and is meant to be close to the ground.

The black tarp is an option because unlike the grey tarp it might dry faster. Unlike the Twinn Tarp this one (bearpaw wilderness designs) does not have a seam in the ridge line I’m not concerned about the seams being sealed.

The Twinn Tarp has a nice lineloc, line, grommet etc…

I did some DIY from a poop bag roll and I have a grommet from Yama Mountain Gear (shown but not in use).

Lastly the conditions changed and the visible shade was obvious (unlike the previous pictures). The black tarp provided plenty of shade.

In conclusion the choice seems clear to me. Where the Twinn seems to be meant for 2 people, has a seam down the center,  pitched in the one configuration, and with limited choices on the ridgeline… the flat tarp from bearpaw wilderness is just fine for one person and since it’s flat is capable of my configurations. The black means it’ll dry faster and looks like it’s also got more shade.

PS: both have bivy or let tent loops just inside the tarp on the ridgeline.