Richard Bucker

disturbing quote of the day

Posted at — May 17, 2019

Kubernetes seems to be taking the intellectual lead as devs and managers search for the latest buzz word soup to sell their wares… So as I search for a distribution that offers a balance of form and function I run into all sorts of jank. First of all most commercial kubernetes are merely packaging other free or community editions of projects to create a curated platform. Which is not a terrible idea until you realize they are charging over $1000 per server per month.Interestingly VMware is also getting into the game. While I’m not sure whether there is a CE version it was worth noting because they also posted this quote in their blog:In all cases the risk needs to be considered carefully, because these attacks are not theoretical. There are working demonstrations of each of these attacks on YouTube. One of the demonstrations shows an easy-to-use, commercially available tool recovering usernames and passwords from another virtual machine that is an Active Directory domain controller. That is a very serious problem.It’s clear VMware is taking security seriously but it’s spooky they they took their own security to task.The article has plenty of easter eggs like “compliance is not security”. And as “we” consider the implications of container orchestration and the host to guest and guest to guest networking… It may not need to be as complicated as you think in order to get the desired results.