Richard Bucker

DIY groundsheet grommets

Posted at — Feb 2, 2017

I have a bear paw minimalist 1 on order and it should arrive today or tomorrow. What makes it special is the [a] the configurations(see the videos in the link) [b] the weight [c] the net is attached to the SIL tub. Watching the configuration videos I realized that I could turn the minimalist upside down and use the SIL tub as a tarp. The narrator suggested that this was a “survival mode”, however, this could actually be a “rain mode”.My concerns, however, is that the bugnet and the SIL are not as robust as my tyvek footprint. And so why not cut one down to size. And while I’m at it add some grommets to get the stakes exactly where I want them. So I dug out a prewashed tyvek footprint, went to Home Depot to get a grommet kit and proceeded to measure, cut and hammer.Here is what I started with:roll of gorilla tapemarker4 tent stakesplastic malletgrommet kittape measureprewashed tyvek (from amazon)insect shield 1 person bugnet from sea to summititemsI taped the corners with about a 2" square of tape front an back. Then hammered the hole. Then hammered the grommet. When installing the grommet make sure that the smooth side is up and the burr is down.the first grommetall four grommetsI spread out the foorprint, hammered in the stakes, attached the bugnet. (the red tabs are supposed to be the head. Even though this is supposed to be a pyramid there must be some bias in the fabric. In this case it fit nicely 4' x 7'.Finally I attached the peak of the pyramid to a hook above it. Notice the strange shape of the netting? The peak of the bugnet is 36" or 3'. I could have made it more taught, however, I think that it will actually be looser in the field especially since a person would be going in and out. Also trekking pole ridgelines are not as sturdy.You have to look closely to the peak in order to see the slope of the line from the pyramid to the hook. I will probably cut the excess from the footprint and reuse it as a something to put my pack so it does not get dirty or when… a mini footprint. I’m going to use this footprint for the minimalist by adding shock cord to the loops.