Richard Bucker

DIY Just a couple of tarp things

Posted at — Nov 22, 2017

I really like my 2GoSystems Reflex 100 but depending on what I’m doing my snugpak 9x5.5' packs smaller and weights less. The only problem, except for Snugpak’s customer service and product support, is that the tarp is missing a few tie outs. Since I do not have a sewing machine I’m pretty much stuck with my own whits.simple clip from DutchwareThe toggle forces the jaw together applying pressure to the target between the jaws. My Snugpak nylon tarp is too thin on it’s own so I used SilNet glue to stick a small patch of webbing to the tarp in the place where a tieout should have been. The glue has been left to cure using the clip as a vice. Now I’m ready to pitch it and see what happens.SilNet glue to hold the webbing on one sideOne problem with my tarp setup, overall, is that when I deploy my SeaToSummit Bugnet there is nothing to hang the net from unless I deploy a ridgeline and sometimes that is just not practical. One recommendation was to use a circular velcro tab and then create a loop from some velcro wire ties. Depending on the adhesive on the dots this could be a cool setup since the bugnet is under 3oz.small hook and loopMy last project is just an experiment because I do not have a sewing machine. Using some lineloks and some SilNet glue I applied to the webbing and folded it back on itself. Then I used a number of clips to apply pressure and hopefully the glue will seep into the webbing. This setup will let me use two lines per ridge pole.3-6 hours to dry.