Richard Bucker

DIY trekking pole ridgeline accessory

Posted at — Feb 2, 2017

I have setup my shelter with my trekking poles to support the ridgeline but one thing I hate is that it never feels secure (to the pole). No matter how many times I wrap the cordage or the type of knot it’s always a challenge. So I did it myself.TOOLS:gorilla gluetrekking polemalletgrommet kitwebbing (this happens to be tubular; can make it lighter)toolstwo nine inch segments of webbingthe first bandThe webbing was too strong for the punch in the grommet kit. In the end I needed to use a scissor to make the hole and a stake to hold the hole open while I inserted the grommet. The side strap ended up being about 5 inches and not the 9 that I initially cut.installed grip downThis contraption makes it easier to move the pole around but harder to get started. (see grip up)installed grip upNotice that the side strap keeps the contraption from falling off the pole. The grip up configuration means that toe can be locked into the ground similar to a stake.the finished projectOverall the project works, however, it can be made lighter. [a] shorter length [b] single ply [c] one grommet and glued loops or even just a hole melted open.