Richard Bucker

Do I need a mesh pocket?

Posted at — Jun 9, 2018

I was just looking at the Kymit Splash 25┬ábecause it’s a drybag and that ticks one checkbox. And then I was reminded of a couple of drybags I already have… like the Yukon Outfitters 45L and some general purpose drybags… none of them are very functional as they are bit packs or when they are packs they do not have external mesh pockets or the bottle pockets are useless in size and function.As I was wallowing and emailing Klymit for some ideas I came to a realization that while I was expecting to use my Dash 30 for my next hike it did not have an external mesh pocket either. I had intended to put my tarp and poncho n the mesh pocket for easy access as well as keeping as much wet outside the pack as possible.The Gossamer Gear seems to do that well enough. The Klymit needs everything inside the pack. So what do you do when items are wet? Sure there is nothing in this pack that needs to be dry except my optional pillow and in the cold season a blanket and I can put both of them in a ziplock or garbage bag.Is there such a thing that would let me hang a mesh bag on the outside of my Dash 30?