Richard Bucker

Do Not Call

Posted at — May 9, 2012

A weeks or months ago I received a call from a robot dialer and I was proud of myself when I discovered that all I had to do was say “do not call” and the robot quietly went away never to be heard from again.Well, this week has been hell. At least twice a day I get a call from a robot dialer reporting to be from “cardholder services” offering me protection and after the sales pitch it offers me a “do not call” option.No matter how many times I’ve selected the DNC option they continue to call.One time I opted to speek to a representative. When I started to talk about the DNC he promptly hung up. I was hoping that was going to be the end of it. But no. Clearly he was on a¬†commission¬†and I was taking up his time. Next time I plan to get the card company that they are selling for.Here’s the thing. Unless they are getting my number from public records they have no reason to call me. Maybe once, but certainly not more than that. If they are getting my information from the credit card companies or banks that I associate with… chances are that they sold my info or are getting a cut and therefore there’s probably a loophole in the T&C or Privacy terms. And since I’m not a lawyer I’ll never know for certain.An then there is possibly the mos disturbing trend. I just received a letter from American Express. My account information has been compromised. It’s out there somewhere. But what is bothering me… (1) the information is out there (2) my credit protection/notification is substandard (3) government is not really protecting me but is protecting the credit card companies (4) the credit card companies probably gave my information to these guys in the first place. It’s not like they are not making enough from us/me already.The credit card companies have no incentive to actually do anything meaningful. You can fire them but then your credit scores are damaged.I am or was on both the national and Florida state DNC lists… but I signed up again. Let’s see if that has any effect.PS: some important links: (National Do Not Call and Florida State Do Not Call)