Richard Bucker

Do not underestimate the value of proper Estimates and timely Feedback

Posted at — Nov 25, 2014

I’m finally in front of a proper keyboard after sitting in a waiting room and recovery for hours…What I observed about estimates and timely feedback:the procedure was as normal as normal gets. Therefore highly predictable.we were told that the procedure was 10 min once she was sedatedsedation was going to take a little longer than the procedureafter 80min I convinced someone to check with the OR.So, while the risk was personal it’s no less important than a business, proper estimates and feedback make all the difference. While inflammatory: anyone who does not understand the value of proper estimates or timely feedback does not have the maturity to lead or run a business; this is not agile but common sense.UPDATE: if you decided that every method had to fit on a single card, page or screen could you estimate the average time to [a] compose a card, [b] compose a hand of cards, [c] play the hand as dealt?