Richard Bucker

do version numbers matter in the world of CI/CD?

Posted at — Dec 8, 2013

I believe that we do not need version numbers anymore (in the traditional sense). ¬†We simply need a build number that indicates when the version was built. Of course there is a novelty associated with calling something “Version 10” but the awful truth is that now we have to keep a map of the what and when. This becomes particularly sticky when there are multiple releases per day. One can even argue that when complex applications or environments have to deal with dependencies and such … dates are just so much better to deal with.In my latest build app I do the following when the BOT is building:BUILDVER=date +%y.%j.%H%Mfossil open ${frepo} 2>&1 | tee -a ${WORKDIR}/buildlogfossil updateLASTCOMMIT=fossil status|</span><span class="s3">grep</span><span class="s4"> </span><span class="s3">"</span><span class="s5">^checkout</span><span class="s3">"</span><span class="s4">|awk&nbsp; </span><span class="s3">'</span><span class="s5">{print $2}</span><span class="s3">'</span><span class="s4">fossil tag add ${BUILDVER} ${LASTCOMMIT}fossil close 2>&1 | tee -a ${WORKDIR}/buildlog