Richard Bucker

do you accept browser cookies?

Posted at — Oct 31, 2019

I have no idea what the deal is with asking casual users to accept cookies? It seems like BS to me and more of an exercise in power than legit reasoning.[a] it’s a foregone conclusion that cookies are used by web servers to track users, their, experience and some decisions. It also happens to be used by advertisers, governments, etc in ways we do not like once you get a degree of freedom from the owner[b] asking me to acknowledge but then no way to find out how it’s been used is creepy. Just do a google or amazon search and next thing you know you are being served ads on facebook. Now that’s collusion.[c] Once you accept the terms of the cookies there is no way to change your decision. There’s no way to know where you have left your digital approval except to say that anyplace you’ve visited you’ve likely said yes.[d] there is no consumer protection here. This is about protecting the company.[e] this was about the EU exerting pressure on the rest of the world.moving on.