Richard Bucker

Docker 1.3.0 framework updates

Posted at — Oct 19, 2014

As of today here is the latest docker - no - no - current to Docker 1.3.0kubernetes - current to Docker 1.3.0 on - no - no updatesCoreOS - updated in the alpha channel onlyDokku - no updatesOctoHost - no updatesCocaine - not sure. cannot find the source repoDawn - no updatesTsuru - no - not finding the source or the commit historyOpenShift 3 - no updatesPanamax - using a recent CoreOS but not alpha channelShipyard - no updatesspin-docker - very little action at - no updatesConsul - no updatesI’ve decided to stop research this issue. It’s entirely possible that many of these projects simply do not need to be updated.** “no updates” means that the project has not indicated whether or not Docker has been updated.** it’s always clear exactly how these projects are implementing Docker and so other than an explicit reference to a Docker version I cannot be sure whether there is an actual or implied dependency. I can say that until I updated each of [boot2docker, docker, fig] I was not able to get my demo environment to function properly.