Richard Bucker

Docker and docker-registry; first and second reaction

Posted at — Jul 13, 2013

My first reaction to docker was that I was going to do a lot more with a lot less.  I was interested in using docker containers to deploy jails and such for various private web servers; many serving static content. That mission was delayed as I realized that the docker registry is public access. And while the content is meant to be consumed it is the property of their owners. Not a good idea.So I thought I would deploy my own docker registry. One look at the config file and I realized that I need to have an S3 account. Which is probably why they do the public thing and why dotcloud is so expensive. (Amazon does not give great discounts as it’s meant for the enduser and not the reseller)I’ll have to look at libvirt directly now. It can access lxc containers directly and that in itself might be a winner.