Richard Bucker

Docker Compose or Fig repackaged

Posted at — Feb 26, 2015

Watching the demo on their announcement page I’m led to believe that docker compose is simply a repackaging of fig. Here is a link to the announcement when Orchard/fig was acquired.Here is the original demo project from the fig home page:web: build: . command: python links: - db ports: - “8000:8000”db: image: postgresAnd here is the project from the Compose announcement:web: build: . links: - redis ports: - “5000:5000”redis: image: redisIt’s easy to observe that the tags are the same even though one uses redis and the other postgres. It is sort of silly that the application port numbers are different. In fact as you dig deeper in the fig home page you’ll see a sample that is even close that these two.And then as I looked at the header of the fig site I see the message:Fig has been replaced by Docker Compose, and is now deprecated. The new documentation is on the Docker website.I’m not sure whether I’m right and fig was simply rebranded compose and I suppose that doesn’t really matter. But there you have it.Fig, and now compose, was interesting for simple clusters but that co-dependence makes that cluster less reliable. That’s just the facts. Also, these containers need to exist on the same host instance so there is no way to take this configuration to the next level and link remote services. At least I do not see the documentation as yet.