Richard Bucker

docker for IoT

Posted at — Sep 10, 2019

WTF is really going on here? Docker is interesting and some fun. Orchestration like swarm is interesting and fun. K3s is a pain in the ass because k8s is bloated and fat orchestration… but it’s fun because of it’s promise to strip it all down to the essentials.The problem is that the tool-chain has baseline requirements and by the time you work out production level design the baseline just grows.My sample universe is made of four Intel NUC devices with 32GB ram and it’s just not enough to build a real cluster. It’s a toy cluster and has little to no monitoring. While I like VMware parceling one host into docker nodes does not really do the hardware justice.Let’s not exaggerate on the one hand it’s nice to have VMware as the admin/control in order to install one large worker… or if you have more than just 32GB ram it’s possible to partition them differently. One other thing is storage. As containers move around they need access to shared or network storage. That gets crazy too.Anyway, moving on.