Richard Bucker

Docker is punk rock

Posted at — Aug 25, 2014

… as in he urban dictionary definition. Docker is experiencing a velocity of attention that I have not seen since the peak of the dot-com days. There has been no single technology that has receive a disproportionate mindshare when the scope is as narrow as the Linux Kernel version 3.10+. Specially with the number of Windows servers in production and the number of entrenched virtualization brands.The container solution would seem to be a good one. It’s particularly interesting when you consider microservices and even mini-microservices when you embed flow-based programming services inside a microservice.If you have an interest in flow based programming please drop me a note. I’ve constructed several POCs in go that use channels as the static type pipe and while the Morrison model is what I hope to achieve I’m just trying to get something into the wild. (I also constructed one in NodeJS but once I got into deep promises I gave it up.