Richard Bucker

Docker Machine Providers - Review

Posted at — Sep 22, 2015

I’ve been deploying CoreOS and Docker in this configuration:And while I have had some success I have posted a number of questions and concerns with the Digital Ocean support team and most responses start with “We’re sorry” and end with “ask the CoreOS team”. I think that there is at least one serious flaw with DO’s product and that is that every VM instance received a public IP address and there is no firewall. The side effect being that every system in my cluster has been under attack since it was network drivesno firewalllimited supportSo I’ll be leaving them shortly. But what is interesting is that Digital Ocean supports Docker Machine. Docker Machine is Docker’s way of creating Docker instances. Presumably there is some sort of shim between the host OS and the Docker container… While it might work it’s an odd feature.Of course if you have an OpenStack, VMware, or Vagrant then it makes perfect sense.  The shim will give you the proper cost performance that you need but if MS Azure, RackSpace or GCE is charging micro instance prices for container instances then it seems a little askew.While I was looking at the Docker Machine Driver page I could not come to any other conclusion… and so I swing back to hosting my own CoreOS or RancherOS instances; I happen to prefer CoreOS as Rancher has not exposed their pricing model and I’m going too far down that rabbit hole.One thing I like about DO is that it costs $5 for their micro instance; although Google’s compute engine is just slightly cheaper.