Richard Bucker

Docker Pricing - WTF

Posted at — Sep 30, 2015

I always knew that Docker was going to charge for it’s product. The questions were always; when, how much, and for what? So far most projects that were going to charge for this sort of thing offered the code and binary for free but then charged for support. Granted I had no idea what that support entailed but having been in a corporate environment when even the most expensive subscription service agreements yield less than stellar results; it’s just no fun.So when I tried to download Boot2Docker only to find that it was deprecated and that now docker was offering a non-free TOOLBOX I about lost my lunch. Docker may still offer fragments of their tools slightly crippled or even the FUD that it’s not in parity with the open source version… It’s just ugly. I suppose they feel the community momentum is in their favor and that the community will continue to test for free. (I’m not so sure).This also has me concerned about Rancher. They offer a nice package based on Docker. When they start to price things will that include Docker or will they be a one stop shop?CoreOS seems like a better option right now. Specially because their free offering is the same binary that the paid guys use. Furthermore their +1 offering is truly a +1. Quay, Managed CoreOS. These are real tools. I think it’s time to look at rocket(rkt).