Richard Bucker

Docker vs VMware .. again

Posted at — Oct 9, 2018

I’m staring at Google+ and switching through my browser tabs and I stop on the Digital Ocean NEW Droplet tab. I see Gitlab,¬†Discourse and Ghost one-click machines and I’m sad. At the moment I’m thinking about a developer in a box approach to dev-DEVOPS and what happens once a second person joins the team. The fact of the mater is you cannot just roll an entire system that people depend on for an upgrade of the base system(s)…. whether it’s VMware or Docker makes no difference. What’s worse is that I have docker systems running on VMware systems and it’s clear that recycling the hosts is a challenge with an interruption of service consequence. Bare metal solutions do not solve that problem either.The only way any of this seems to work is if you have twice the basic hardware so that things can be located and relocated as needed.