Richard Bucker

doing more with less or just doing with less

Posted at — Sep 7, 2016

Reading the book “Living with a SEAL” I took away the notion of doing with less. It was an indirect observation as the SEAL did a lot with a lot less. And as I transitioned from wannabe bushcrafter/Survivalist to wannabe backpacker to wannabe hiker and now lightweight or ultralight hiker I see that there is something to be said for going light as a metaphor for life.I’m not going all new age; it’s just as I look around my desk I see no less than 10 WiFi routers that are so inferior I will never use them again even if the current router completely malfunctions. And I should throw them away as soon as possible… I will feel better for it.getting back on track; just this morning I was setting up my Luna Solo for the first time. It went as expected and I almost got things going the way I wanted. I had packed up and was putting the tent and accessories back in my pack when I tried to stuff my Tyvek footprint in the sleeve reserved for a hydration system and which was being repurposed with a thermarest Z-Seat to give the pack some structure.when I purchased the pad I thought it was just a few panels from the sleeping mattress. But it’s not. It’s too small to be anything other than a butt warmer.As I struggled to get the footprint in the slot I realized I was going to have two pieces of kit for the same function. I was already planning to have some reflectix in the tent and use the same thing to put my pack on when transitioning, to sit on while eating or resting and to sleep on since my torso mattress does not extend to my feel.While the Z-Seat is light it has volume. And so I am lightening my load for an overnight.packtent, mattress, pillow, liner, reflectix, cordagehiking polesthe close on my back including hat, schmog, rain jacketcook kit and spoonfirst aid kit with hand sanitizer, mosquito spray, liquid soapwater and water filtrationlighter, fero rod, fatwood, cotton or lint2 days of foodsmall knife and extra cordageheadlamp, compass, whistlesecond pair of socks for bed and the following daycamp shoes (optional)If it’s cold I might bring a sweater but I doubt it. For a similar reason I would bring a wool cap to keep warm or keep the bugs out or my ears.Since this first overnight is in a campground that does not permit hanging things from trees I have to hope for a bear box and there isn’t any way I can erect a tarp/rainfly. The other optional piece of kit might be a bushcraft knife if the campsite provides firewood for a campfire. (gotta have TV).** I’m not counting my phone or camera.Six Moon Designs Luna Solo - setup wrong