Richard Bucker

drink up

Posted at — Feb 8, 2019

Hikers and gram counters swear by Smartwater bottles. I don’t think they are completely wrong because there is something to be said for screwing a filter directly to the bottle. I still get a bit uneasy about the seal between the bottle and the filter. Also that sort of delayed filtering might give you the false confidence to go deeper when you really do not have the resources.Anyway, it’s a good and common container. But are there options?right to left; 1oz, 1.6oz, 4.3ozI recently purchased Nalgene bottles for my kids when they are at soccer practice. I replaced the WIDE mouth tops with a smaller lid and that’s working great. I decided to buy myself a Nalgene too. While their 32oz bottles are wide in diameter this Nalgene is shaped like a military canteen; has a nice opening, stable base, and not going to drop the cap. Granted I can carry three 750ml bottle for the same weight allowance and redundancy but at what point are we overthinking this.