Richard Bucker

dual purpose ground sleeping

Posted at — Sep 1, 2016

I want to be able to bring my hammock and ground sleeping systems. And while I’ve said test all systems I had a glamorous notion that my Youkon Outfitters reainfly was going to work. I did some measurements and determined that the sides of the diamond shaped tarp are just over 7'. This is good news as I am almost 6' and depending on how big I make the foot box and the direction of the wind/rain I should be able to stay try.FAILMy trekking pole have not arrived yet so I hacked up some sticks and tried to make my poles. It worked fine, mostly.The problem is that it simply had no loft. Either I have to tie a line to the center and hang from a tree; in a pyramid shape or I need to add a pole to the foot end and close up the middle a little. Even if I raised the foot a little I’d need to get considerable tension on the ridgeline to keep it from sagging. In this location, however, the dirt is not very compact and not very deep. The coral layer under the sod is rock hard.I’m not sure what the next test case is going to look like.Other lessons learned.Hennesey snakeskins are in the way when ground camping and I do not think they are actually smaller than the original sack it just takes time to pack up.packaging this tarp in it’s original stuff sack is a pain.After this episode I’m frustrated with hammock camping. I’m about to pull the trigger on a new 1P tent. I would say this is like going from python to golang; if hiking were like programming languages.