Richard Bucker

Elixir is likened to the Emperor's new clothes.

Posted at — May 26, 2013

I looked at Elixir about a year ago. At the time it was not very interesting… but let’s face it, the guys at PragProg have me convinced that “if the engine is big enough even a brick will fly.” Nether Erlang nor Elixir or the OTP framework are difficult. It’s still a club for the one percent’ers. (the one percent who understand it completely and the one percent that know the syntax but nothing else.)I wouldn’t recommend any or either to my customers or employers unless they had a commitment to the languages and access to the one percent that get’s it. (neither are truly likely and reserved for startups that are trying to get some instant geek cred.)Needless to say, I’m going to buy the book anyway.