Richard Bucker

Where did all the Email go?

Posted at — Dec 6, 2019

I’ve been watching all the mailware and other bad actors out there including the FBI warnings about drive-by tech and smart TVs. But the one thing that is pissing me off is email. Where do most people for for their email hosting and what’s next? Most users have an AOL, gmail, outlook, yahoo, msn, comcat or ATT email account. There are a few popular services that have been acquired but the email servers are still running. One thing that is missing is the custom domains. I happen to use GSuite but I’m tired of google. So where do I go now?

The challenge is that there are no alternatives unless you want to deploy your own email server and then you are responsible for phishing, malway, spam and everything else. There are some packaged appliances bit that has it’s own challenges including all the 3r party tools that you assume responsibility for. Building your own solution, even if you are a 100M company, is still a challenge. And more importantly what to do if you have a family domain?