Richard Bucker

embrace the suck -- Florida rain

Posted at — Feb 13, 2019

It was pouring this morning! What sucked is that the rain changed directions (not visible in the video)But then as the rain eased up I had to check things out.#1 - the most important thing… site selection. The ground was soaked. It was nice to be off the ground but the ground sucked. Sure the swamp is wet and so you have to embrace the suck but this means the day starts with a suck. #2 - And then it’s one thing to have wet feet first thing in the morning… but then there is just being wet from head to toe. The pad and the hammock were soaked. WTF! And so we learn new things. First of all when it rains in Florida the rain turns into a mist that lingers and floats around depending where the breeze takes it until it condenses and falls or collects.I’m not sure if there was a real lesson learned here except just embrace the suck. Short of building a cabin you’re getting wet. If this was a Tiki hut you’d still be getting wet. If you were wearing rain gear you’d still be getting wet.