Richard Bucker

embrace the suck

Posted at — Jul 11, 2019

I’m still thinking about the ground sheet challenge for this setup. Polycryo is lightweight and compact but it’s that weight that allows it to fly around and it’s the plastic that makes it stick to everything.However, I have a plan. First of all my kit includes a hammock. It could be used for sleep or just as a chair. They are great in the swamp when you need a rest or you want to get your feet out of the water. But if you want to sleep then you need or should have a proper tarp. The tarp above is approx 6’x9’. That’s simply not long or wide enough in the rainy season.So here’s the plan. Have a second tarp as a ground sheet and use the two tarps in bad weather. Also, since the tarp is essentially a single and depending on the configuration I could use the second tarp and or my poncho tarp for extra coverage or even insulation.On the hammock side I’ve decided to do with the SeaToSummit Ultralight hammock with some UL straps. Unlike other hammocks the weave allows water to pour straight through so if it rains the hammock may get wet and may wick some water but at least it will not turn into a bathtub. So other than some discomfort from being wet it’s not the same kind of suck.