Richard Bucker

erlang/otp or go?

Posted at — Jun 14, 2014

That’s a really tough question. erlang/otp will always have a soft spot because it’s what I envisioned as a framework for a 100% uptime and after nearly 5 years of production I have achieved exactly that. In the interim development moved the system to python and the profile has changed a little but nothing significant. And development is swinging again; this time to Google’s Go [golang]; with numbers in between.The operating environments are vastly different, the languages are different, the overarching concerns are also different. In the end the decision may not have anything to do with the language at all but the environment or framework and the number of cost effective developers out there.erlang is at a premium, even todaypython is fairly cheap, but the numbers are droppingGo is still new and attracting an odd bunchOn the operational side there are also a number of concerns:erlang has a number of crufty bits that makes upgrades costly.python has version manager tools but it can get out of control when there are so many versionsgo is the simplest to deployCD/CI and container deploys on docker make some things better. Specially if the dev team constructs effective containers for development.