Richard Bucker

ESXi console timeout

Posted at — Aug 24, 2019

My lab is buttoned down pretty tight. That’s not to say that I have air gaped my systems but I’m also not inviting intruders. The challege today is that I need access to my different lab systems including two ESXi hosts, however, the console timeout and well it’s just a nuisance.So the first thing I do after installing a guest is disable the screensaver. [a] because it takes CPU when working and when resting [b] it also interrupts my flow.The second thing I do is disable the ESXi session timeout.Host > manage > system > advanced settings > “sessiontimeout”I edit “UserVars.HostClientSessionTimeout” and set the value to 0.One thing that is required… disable the console lockout. That’s the kind of thing that will ruin your day. The default… enter you password wrong 5 times and you cannot try again for 15 minutes.So in the “advanced settings” tab search for “Security.Account”. Change the “Security.AccountUnlockTime” to 0 instead of 900.