Richard Bucker

ESXi Ransomeware Oh My

Posted at — May 28, 2022

There are many reasons to like VMware. But now that it’s a target it’s time to move on again.

It’s as simple as this…

The reality is that VMware has some fancy features and UI but when you get to orchestration these things really do not matter.

Sure Linux is the swiss army knife of operating systems but it’s the kind with the 101 blades. At the end of the day it’s far less functional and more likely to break or be vulnerable. OpenBSD is a single blade with a bottle opener and a toothpick… where FreeBSD might have a few more blades but certainly not 100.

FreeBSD has jails where OpenBSD does not. FreeBSD has some tools that makes VMs easier and OpenBSD does not. Both lack any sort of VM-HA. And so on.

BTW using encryption on you NAS might be a good thing when everything is OK, however, ransomeware double encrption is just another layer of pain.