Richard Bucker

ESXi to rule them all

Posted at — Mar 19, 2019

QUESTION: Should there be a ESXi or ESXi-type layer between your installed OS(s) and the hardware? The reason for the question is because modern compute hardware rarely has CDROM or DVD players attached so [a] lights out or remote operation is painful [b] a fistful of USB sticks from preparation to being on-hand to create/deploy them is a pain. On the other hand the more stuff between your code and the hardware and the more you need to know in order to know your position. In a current deployment my Intel NUC’s fan started to whine. It’s typically very quiet and I’ve become accustomed to that so when the fan started I noticed it. I still do not know what caused the problem (although there was a sudden 10% spike in CPU usage which esxtop attributed to proc 1); after suspending the guests and rebooting the machine the problem went away. Also I have a project which uses vsphere APIs to deploy Guest OS(s).Should I stay or should I go?